Take a walk with me through one of North America's premier equestrian facilities

GoPro Tour: Thunderbird Show Park

This weekend I spent the afternoon wandering around Thunderbird!

I feel so lucky to live in B.C. and have all this amazing equestrian action right in my back yard. Tbird is literally a two minute drive from my barn. It’s really something special when the big shows are on. There are so many people buzzing around on golf carts, grooms tending to the horses, and action happening in every single ring, I just love it! I seriously just show up there at random times and watch whatever is going on. It’s one of my favourite ways to spend a summer afternoon.

Thunderbird is the #2 equestrian show facility in North America (only behind Spruce Meadows!) and it is absolutely stunning. They host a huge arrange of multi-discipline events all year round from local western and breed shows, to world stage showjumping and dressage. I can almost guarantee that any North American showjumping ‘celeb’ has competed at Tbird at least once.

The Summer Fort Classic is one of the bigger shows held at Tbird every year, the finale being the $100,000 CSI3* Grand Prix. I’ve competed at Thunderbird ‘Gateway’ shows, but never at anything of this scale! I hope to get there in the future. This is the kind of stuff that really gets my blood pumping.

Thunderbird is doing something SO COOL this year. The world cup competitors are doing a demo in STANLEY PARK! You can bet I’ll be there bright and early on Wednesday morning, so make sure you check my Instagram for the live feed and vlog to follow! I promise I’ll take my actual camera and skip the gopro for this one.

Click below to take a walk with me around the Summer Fort Classic at Tbird!